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Aus IT-Services Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross
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GRATTIS till segern som satt lite ve4l le5ngt inne och man satte ne4stan freukston i halsen de5 man se5g att ni inte var i me5l de5 man vaknade i morse. Se5dan spe4nning e4r olidlig och e4n mer me5ste den ha varit hos er ff6r antar att ni trodde att segern rf6k all ve4rldens ve4g men STARKT gjort!!!Congratulations to this victory!!!. Was almost tempted to put food in my throat when we saw how the team wobbled around at night. Giant good that you finally succeeded and had to go in goal as the winner as you have had full control of the entire race. You now have a much deserved rest ahead of you!!